Friday, 26 November 2010

Yael Aflalo Reformation Launch


Yael Aflalo was born in LA in 1977. After attending the University of California, and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Aflalo began designing clothing. She would use unique pieces of reworked vintage Levis for her frist 'collection'. Fashion buyer Jon Eshaya noticed Aflaola and encourag3ed her to create an entire collection. The reformation with Urban Outfitters involves two things, the first of the two is taking vintage clothes, cleaning them taking them apart and then reforming then into a new garment, the second is creating new garments out of vintage fabric. If Yael has one crazy idea she is urged to try it. The companies current collection has a very dark colour pallete, although the colour pallete may not appeal to everyone the colours chosen really compliment the style and silhouettes of the garments. Lots of florals and biker style pieces appear in this collection, the range also includes lace and silk dresses starting at $58.00. Since the Reformation collection made an appearance at Urban Outfitters sales grew by 10.6% to $266 million at Urban Outfitters.

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